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by Corrine Jacker

Ransburg Auditorium

Directed by Brad Wright

Assistant Director Amy Pizarek
Stage Manager Amber Martin
Scenic Designer Jenni White
Lighting Designer Jeffrey Barnes
Costume Designer Chad Bussell
Sound Designer Robin Berry
Props Kevin Grow
Hair/Make-up Designer Jennifer Agan


Kate Alissa Haganman
Laurie Kara Terrell
Molly Jenni White


Assistant Stage Manager Trice Booker
Master Carpenter Evan Cromer
Master Electrician Christie Beckmann
Scenic Artist Jenni White
Props Assistant Susan Miles
Deck Captain Lynn Goodner III
Light Board Operator Molly Schommer
Sound Board Operator Robin Berry
Costumer Kelly Guthridge
Costumer's Assistant Jennifer Pinsker
Running Crew Jess Bader
  Suzie David-Hackett
  Tony Frisco
  Dean Hamann
House Manager Ron Popp
House Manager's Assistant Nicole Jones
Publicity Ian Fleming
  Jennifer Pinsker

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