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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Tom Stoppard

December 3-5 and December 9-11 at 8:00 p.m.

Studio Theatre

Hamlet, Shakespeares greatest drama, is retold from the perspective of his schoolmates, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, in Tom Stoppards comedic masterpiece. Equal parts Laurel and Hardy, Waiting for Godot and classic Shakespeare, Stoppards scintillating wit, far-reaching imagination and astonishing skill with words trace the journey of these fascinating characters as they struggle to avoid the inevitability of the bards tragic conclusion. We know Hamlet is about Hamlet. They think it is about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. There is an old joke about the actor who is hired to play the gravedigger in Hamlet "Whats it about?" his wife asks. "Its about a gravedigger who meets a prince," he says.

Directed by Brad Wright

Assistant DirectorNathan Pellow
Scenic DesignerJim Ream
Lighting DesignerChristina Robinson
Costume DesignerBeth Bennett
Hair/Make-up DesignerDanielle Buckel
Sound DesignerFritz Bennett
PropsJoshua Ford
Technical DirectorFritz Bennett
Stage ManagerDelia Neylon


RosencrantzChelsey Wood
GuildensternStephanie Kucsera
The Player/Player-HamletMason Absher
Alfred/FortinbrasRoss Percell
Tragedian 1/Attendant 1/Soldier 1/Spy 1/Pirate 1/Ambassador 1Kyrsten Lyster
Tragedian 2/Attendant 2/Soldier 2/Spy 2/Pirate 2/Ambassador 2Tess Walker
Tragedian 3/Player-King/Pirate 3/Player-Laertes/LaertesIan Duncan
HamletScott Fowler II
OpheliaArianne Villareal
Claudius/Tragedian 4/Poisoner-KingMichael Howard
Gertrude/Tragedian 5/Player-QueenCaitlyn Spires
Polonius/Tragedian 6/Player-Polonius/Pirate 4/HoratioWilliam Schnabel


Assistant Stage Manager/Deck CaptainTyler Hinojosa
Master CarpenterAnthony Stanich
Construction CrewJoey Hansell
 Josh Wright
Costume SupervisorKylie Welker
Costume Construction CrewHeidi Jackman
 Michelle LaMarca
 Amy Patterson
 Ashleigh Skaggs
 Haley White
Props CrewJason Gill
Scenic ArtistAlycia Riley
Paint CrewJason Gill
 Jordan Harris
 Andrea Petro
 Katelyn Smith
Master ElectricianScott Leaderman
Electrics CrewAshley Clark
 Marilyn Ho
 Nick Reinhart
Run CrewJason Gill
 Joey Hansell
 Tony Minott
Wardrobe CrewHeidi Jackman
 Michelle LaMarca
 Ashleigh Skaggs
 Haley White
Light Board OperatorNick Reinhart
Sound Board OperatorAshley Clark
Front of House Manager Kelly Pendleton

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