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Student Directed Productions 1994-1995

Studio Theatre

One act plays directed by advanced students

Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone?

by Louis E. Catron

Directed by Jenni White


BoyRyan Redmon
GirlAmber Martin

Sex Lives of Superheroes

by Stephen Gregg

Directed by Jason Bostwick


Michael Lynn Goodner III
Elenor Lucy Fields
Lisa Angi Corn
Audience Member #1 Tony Frisco
Audience Member #2 Jason Bostwick
Cameo Appearance Sherri Bostwick
Artist Kirk Fields

Words, Words, Words

by David Ives

Directed by Mary Millman


Milton Dr. Bruce Gentry
Kafka Amber Martin
Swift Mark Church

Knowing Would Be Enough

Written and Directed by Jenni White


Michael Jeffrey Barnes


Lighting Technician Kirk Fields
Sound Technician Kirk Fields
Running Crew Chief Joshua Dale
  Amanda Collier
  John Barten
House Manager Chuck Johnson

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