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Student Directed Productions 1995-1996

Studio Theatre

'dentity Crisis

by Christopher Durang

Directed by Jason Bostwick

Stage ManagerPaul Starr


Robert Ryan Redmon
Jane Molly Schommer
Edith Lucy Fields
Summers Kirk Fields
Woman Kara Terrell

The Wooden Pear

by Gillian Plowman

Directed by Mary Millman

Stage ManagerStefanie Moser


Daniel Ron Popp
Madeline Jennifer Agan

Why Do We Laugh?

by Stephen Gregg

Directed by Jenni White

Stage ManagerSuzie David-Hackett


Meredith Wilfred (age 6) Amber Martin
Andrew Powers (age 5) Lynn Goodner III
Meredith Wilfred (age 16) Angi Corn
Andrew Powers (age 15) Barry McFarlane
Meredith Wilfred (age 45) Amy Pizarek
Andrew Powers (age 44) Jason Bostwick
Meredith Wilfred (age 66) Jennifer Dixon
Andrew Powers (age 65) Kirk Fields


Props Jeffrey Barnes
Costumes Christie Beckmann
  Amy Kunzelman
Running Crew Chief Stefanie Moser
Running Crew Jeffrey Barnes
  Bobby Hackett

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