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Student Directed Productions 1997-1998

The Actor's Nightmare

by Christopher Durang

Directed by Kara Terrell

Stage Manager Ayinde Brewster


George Spelvin Benjamin Barhan
Sarah Siddons Amy Pizarek
Henry Irving Spencer Block
Dame Ellen Terry Chrystiane Pereira
Meg Nicole Jones

This is a Test

by Stephen Gregg

Directed by Amy Pizarek

Stage Manager Nicole Jones


Alan Matthew Evan Gowin
Lois Heather Schneider
Mom Linda Atwell
Teacher Lendell Ervin II
Evan Spencer Block
Chris Lynn Goodner III
Pat Liz Spaeth
Student #1 Nicole Kalinowski
Student #2 Michael Pinsker
Voice Benjamin Barhan
Chorus #1 Ian Fleming
Chorus #2 Jennifer Pinsker
Chorus #3 Chad Bussell

From the Closet to the Living Room

by Ron Popp

Directed by Jeffrey Barnes

Stage Manager Lucy Fields
(a comedy about coming out and wanting to go back in)
Original script by U of I student Ron Popp
(selected for a reading at the KC/ACTF Region III Festival XXX held in Indianapolis January 1998)


John Chad Weddle
Dave Nick Carpenter
Jerry Barry McFarlane
Sally (Mom) Jennifer Pinsker
Maggie Nicole Jones
Dan Lynn Goodner III
Amy Liz Spaeth
Tom Ian Fleming
Mary Heather Schneider
Cindy Kelli Pierson
Ben Matthew Evan Gowin
Tim Michael Pinsker
Phone Voice Matthew Evan Gowin


Production Manager Christie Beckmann
Props Liz Spaeth
Set Designer/Scenic Artist Molly Schommer
Lighting Designer Chad Bussell
Sound Designer Molly Schommer
Costumes Susan Miles
Master Carpenter Ian Fleming
Master Electrician Barry McFarlane
Sound Recording Technician Lynn Goodner III
Makeup Jennifer Pinsker
Running Crew Melissa Lair
  Rebecca Tice
Light Board Operator Kevin Grow
Sound Board Operator Holly Shaw
Front of House Manager Ron Popp

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