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Student Directed Production 2000-2001

Studio Theatre
Click HERE for details of the Coming Home performances at the Region III festival of the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.

Coming Home

by Ron Popp
Premiere production

Directed by Mark Michalak

Production Manager Jeffrey Barnes
Stage Manager Jaime Theresa Smith
Scenic Designer Jeffrey Barnes
Lighting Designer Matthew Evan Gowin
Costume Designer Benjamin Barhan
Sound Designer Shanelle Lea Shrader
Props Tiphanie Wampole
Hair/Make-up Designer Jeffrey Hamilton


James Greg Tarbert
John Kevin Grow
Jackie Jennifer Childers
Eric Irwin Sparkes
Cindy Chandra Jeanette Beihl DeNap


Deck Captain Kashun Le Shae Howell
Master Carpenter Jeska Morrow
Assistant Master Carpenter Kelly Boyd
Master Electrician Brenda Barrie
Scenic Artist Ricky Harmon
Assistant Costume Designer Virginia Sanders
Costumer Virginia Sanders
Assistant Sound Designer Kashun Le Shae Howell
Running Crew Devin Lael Hartley
  Krista Helms
Light Board Operator Kim Jordan
Sound Board Operator Rissa Guffey
Front of House Manager Janet Veal-Drummond

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