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Student Directed Production 2003-2004

November 21-23 and December 4-6, 2003, 8 p.m., Free Preview November 20, 8 p.m.

Studio Theatre

In this comedy classified as 'Theatre of the Ridiculous,' a family acting company has continuously toured the United States with productions of Hamlet. Carleton Stone, Sr., once a great Hamlet, is now dissolute and playing the ghost. He tries to make his reluctant son the Hamlet he once was. Here is a Hamlet within a Hamlet within a Hamlet and a murder mystery for people with stage blood in their veins. A Senior Project

Stage Blood

by Charles Ludlam

Directed by Rissa Guffey

Technical Director Jeska Morrow
Production Manager Jeffrey Barnes
Scenic Designer Evan Shearin
Lighting Designer Aaron Seelig
Costume Designers Emily Gerber
  Sara Wagoner
Sound Designer Jessica Umbreit
Props Jennette Wright
Hair/Make-up Designer Kathleen Pyle
Stage Manager Krista Helms


Elfie Fey Chandra Jeanette Beihl DeNap
Helga Delia Neylon
Stone, Sr. Jared Duymovic
Carl Stone Chris McKay
Edmund Christopher Redmon
Jenkins Nash Kegley


Assistant Stage Manager Mary Ferguson
Master Carpenter Barry McFarlane
Assistant Master Carpenters Joanna Cate
  Sonja Hethcote
Master Electrician Lendell Ervin
Assistant Master Electrician Chris Vicoli
Costumer Kristin Fife
Costume Crew Erika Saperstein
  Crystal Vissers
Light Crew Janet Veal-Drummond
  Tracy Carson
Paint Crew Julie Brown
  Eileen Friend
Running Crew Jacque Cooper
 Chase Eaton
 Kristin Fife
 Eileen Friend
 Jon Stahl
 Kristina Webster
Light Board Operator Daniel Huber
Sound Board Operator Brian Glunt
Publicity Crew Caleb Bateman
  Kristin Bien
  Amanda Gwin
Front of House Manager Nikki Grotenhuis

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