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Student Directed Productions 2012-13

Directors and Titles Listed Below

Preview: April 18, 2013at 8:00 p.m.
April 19-21 & 25-27, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.

Studio Theatre, Esch Hall

Productions are typically fully staffed and designed by students, who use them as a laboratory experience, putting into practice the principles they have learned in the classroom. Working closely with members of the faculty and staff, the students select, cast, and direct the plays, and supervise the lighting, design, and construction for the productions. Specific shows to be announced.
*Warning: These productions may contain adult language and content that may be inappropriate for minors.

Four Seventeen

by Kyrsten Lyster (2012)

Directed by Will Schnabel

Stage ManagerRoss Percell


MelanieElise Campagna
HardyNate Coder
Officer #1Kyle Mishler
Officer #2Cassie Cutshaw

Check Please!

by Jonathan Rand

Directed by Daryl Hollonquest

Stage ManagerEllie Delap


GuyAndy Wegg
Other GuyKyle Mishler
GirlCassie Cutshaw
Other GirlIndia Van Camp

Counting the Ways

by Edward Albee

Directed by Kelly Pendleton

Stage ManagerEllie Delap


SheElise Campagna
HimNate Coder


DramaturgCaitlyn Spires
Scenic DesignerRoss Percell
Lighting DesignerMelinda Arthur
Costume Designer(Four Seventeen and Counting the Ways)Alexis Damrom
Costume Designer (Check Please!)Katelyn Smith
Hair/Make-up CoordinatorTBA
Sound DesignerArianne Villareal
PropsAnna Wieseman
Technical DirectorFritz Bennett


Deck CaptainJazmine Floyd
Set Construction/Paint CrewConnor Casey
 Shane Chartier
 Patricia Diaz
 Morgan Jackson
 Ashleigh Skaggs
Costume Construction CrewRebecca Camp
 Jason Gill
 Elisabeth Good
 Bert Ross
 Karolyn Williams
Master ElectricianJazmine Floyd
Electrics CrewConnor Avery
 Charles Benberry
 Hannah Nieman
 Abel Watson
 Laraithon Williams
Run CrewMorgan Jackson
 Hannah Nieman
Wardrobe CrewRebecca Camp
 Jason Gill
Light Board OperatorConnor Avery
Sound Board OperatorBrandon Smart
House ManagerRyan OShea

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